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Geocaching Romp

The first geocaching tour in North Central Washington will open in the summer of 2016!

The CASCADE FARMLANDS GEOROMP is offically closed... EXCEPT, you can click below and still find 11 of the 12 caches, all in an easy day's drive!  Explore some of the most beautiful landscape and prettiest communities in Washington State. 


IMG_3831_2.JPGPerfect for experienced geocachers and those new to "outdoor treasure hunting," the CF GeoRomp is a fun way to explore Central Washington's edible landscape with your friends and family.  Although winning prizes is no longer possible, please download and print this map to keep track of your caches. 

On the international site for geocachers, you'll find a menu of our fun, educational caches.  Click on each and enjoy the beauty and bounty of Cascade Farmlands!   CF GEOROMP