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Pretty in Pear Blossoms

This month, Cascade Farmlands gained a new image that exemplifies what it's like to live and grow along the foothills of Washington's Cascades.

September 06, 2013 at 4:10 PM



Reed Carlson took this shot from a vantage point up North Road above Leavenworth. Pear orchards in bloom are framed by Icicle Ridge, while the Enchantment Wilderness peeks from behind.  A pretty nice place, don't you think?

Eat and Explore Cascade Farmlands

We've already begun using the image to support our members in a book that goes to press next month.  Great American Publisher's soon to be released book, "Eat and Explore Washington" will feature editorial content about Cascade Farmlands as well as recipes and photos from several members.  First printing of the volume is slated for fall, with a run of ten thousand copies distributed at Costco, Walmart and other major retail outlets.