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Interfaith Amigos Workshop

A 90-minute workshop with Interfaith Amigos Imam Jamal Rahman, Pastor Dave Brown and Rabbi Ted Falcon.

Interfaith Amigos Workshop

Canyon Wren Recital Hall - 7409 Icicle Road Leavenworth, WA 98826

"Creating an Effective Foundation for Interfaith Dialogue"
The Pacific Northwest Interfaith Amigos guide participants in developing a foundation for truly effective communication and purposeful collaboration. In this workshop, participants are invited to move beyond polarization and stereotyping to more authentically meet the other.

About the Interfaith Amigos

With their willingness to openly address the usual taboos of interfaith dialogue—the awkward parts of each tradition—the Interfaith Amigos create a more authentic conversation, between themselves and with their audiences. Their work is dedicated to supporting more effective interfaith dialogue that can bring greater collaboration on the major social and economic issues of our time.

The Interfaith Amigos started working together after 9/11. Since then, they have brought their unique blend of spiritual wisdom and humor to audiences all over the U.S., as well as Canada, Israel-Palestine, and Japan. The Interfaith Amigos present a crucial message in their unique humorous style, helping participants appreciate the promise and the problems of the interfaith experience.

Event Details
$15 General Admission

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