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We're Crushed!

The wine crush is underway throughout Cascade Farmlands in October and November. The crush begins by gently squeezing selected grapes to break the skins.

November 01, 2013 at 2:31 PM


You may recall the tradition of stamping on grapes with bare feet to break them down?  For the most part, that process has been replaced by mechanical crushing.  Once the grape skins are broken, the contents of the grapes are free to begin the fermentation process.  Many of the wineries featured in Cascade Farmlands have bins or vats of crushed grapes visible on their property.  Check our membership for wineries you can visit this month. 

Great Places to Check Out

Check out Pybus Public Market in Wenatchee for local wine tasting, pumpkins, gourds and other locally harvested items. 

Fire by Visconti at Pybus Public Market is the hottest place in town for pizza and wine, brats and beer, plus a full menu of yummy salads and small plates that burst with flavor. Grab a bite and a brew at the bar with friends, bring your family for a stress-free night out, or enjoy a bottle of wine on the patio looking out on the river.

ICE by Visconti at Pybus Public Market aims to be the chillest place in town. ICE prepares authentic Italian style gelato daily on location, serve crêpes fresh off the griddle, and bring you only the very best locally roasted Caffè Mela espresso. They keep it real, fresh and local!

Stop by Smallwood's Harvest for "Farm Fun in the Country Sun" on HWY 2 in Leavenworth! Check out the pumpkins and scarecrows and treat yourself to a tasty caramel apple!